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Q-Haus to Build a Unique Upside Down House

An upside-down house will be built in Tartu this year. Q-haus has been involved in this project from the very beginning. We took care of the engineering design and we made sure the whole building could be manufactured indoor using our timber element technology.

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Q-haus chooses Weinmann to increase its Productivity

Here at Qhaus we take development very seriously and we made a commitment to improve constantly the way we work. We are now upgrading our main saw to a fully automated Weinmann machine that will work in perfect integration with our ERP system.

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Q-haus ist jetzt auch in Bayern! / Q-haus is now in Bavaria!

Q-haus ist jetzt auch in Bayern! Wir produzieren Holzbau Häuser nach Kundenwunsch, fordern Sie ein Angebot an: Q-haus Repräsentanz in Geisenhausen, Herr Thomas Meierhöfer, thomas@qhaus.bayern, Tel: +49 8743-969 55 88. Warum Q-haus? Herr Meierhöfer: "Weil Q-haus ein qualitativ sehr hochwertiger und schlagkräftiger Partner ist, aus meiner persönlichen fachlichen Sicht der beste Produzent. Die Firma ist [...] Read more

Qhaus Factory now runs under ERP system

2015 has been quite an exciting year here are at Qhaus. After several months of development we finally managed to start electronic monitoring of Factory Production and now we can proudly state that all our business runs under an ERP system.

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