Teo modular system

Teo is a standardized modular system. Unique and patented solution which makes it possible to expand or reduce your home step by step, room by room, in different combinations, just as you like. You can not only add or remove a room, but also change the position of a wall, a window, or a door. A beautiful, affordable, comfortable, handy, warm and cozy home.

You can live your dream.
You design your own home.
Just the way you like it.

• Standardized energy efficient modular system
• Easy to combine 6x3x3m modules
• You can start with just one room and expand it whenever you want
• Quick and easy installation on site, no special skills needed
• Needs only a simple foundation system
• No compromises in building characteristics or quality

More information about the TEO system: http://teokarp.ee

TEO-system creates variable solutions:

• Tiny houses
• Residential homes
• Villas
• Airbnb rental houses
• Hotels, motels
• Cafes, restaurants
• Kindergartens, schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood. The frames are made of Estonian timber and for decoration we mostly use facade planks or Prodema plywood tiles. Interior decoration materials are usually timber and plywood. Floor coverings are wooden floorboards, parquet, carpet or any other floor covering based on customer’s wishes.

Yes, it is. We can build energy-efficient buildings with Teo’s. The windows are triple-glazed, and with mineral wool insulation for walls, floors and ceilings. If you install the recommended heating system, ventilation and electricity production systems (such as a solar panels), the design of the Teo-house is applicable for energy label “A”. However, if you want, you can order ordinary and cheaper thermal insulation materials for your summer house for example. This is your decision.

Yes, all heating systems can be installed to the Teo-house.

The Teo-house system allows connecting not only parts of the building but also its systems, such as electrical, ventilation, water supply or low-current systems.

You do not have to do it yourself – we either take it on us, after having seen the situation (mostly in Estonia), or we may recommend you a decent builder who is familiar with Teo-house technology. The exact way to build a foundation depends on the geology of your plot. In the most common case, the usual metal piles are sufficient – these are like “giant screws” screwed into the ground. Then the wooden base frame will be mounted on the screws, and the foundation is ready. It is also possible to use all other types of the foundation. By the way, if you want to preserve the natural look of your plot, the “giant screw” method is the best solution. In Norway, Sweden and Finland: find four stones or two stones and a rock.

It depends on the size of the house. Up to two-three months, for example. Teo-house technology enables very fast operations and it is possible to build throughout the year.

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