About CompactLiving

Our commitment

More than decade ago we made a commitment to deliver a superior products. Today we celebrate our success as our products are with one of the best on the market – superb quality and after-service.

What we do

CompactLiving is a producer of modular and element houses.Cliff module and Teo modular system are our main products. Besides the production itself, we provide design services and technical support for our Customers. Working together with Architects and Engineers, we create convenient and personalised space solutions for our Customers.


Here at CompactLiving we firmly believe that a great product can only be delivered by a team of great people. CompactLiving head-office in Tallinn employees 10 persons dealing with Design, Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Administration. CompactLiving factory employees an average of 25 skilled workers dealing with the production of modules and elements and logistics.


CompactLiving Factory is located close-by Tallinn, about 25 minutes drive from our head-office. The Factory is composed by two main buildings and a few covered storage spaces. The total covered surface amounts to about 4000 m2. The Factory employees an average of 25 workers (men and women) and activities are run and supervised by a Team of experienced and skilled professionals.


Every project is a new challenge. It’s not just about houses, it’s more about building trust with our Customers and let them lead us to discover their real needs. Every Project is different and from every one of them we learn something to improve the way we design and build our houses.