CompactLiving Factory

CompactLiving Factory is located closeby Tallinn, about 25 minutes drive from our head-office.

The Factory is composed by two main buildings and a few covered storage spaces. The total covered surface amounts to about 4000 m2.

The Factory employes an average of 40 workers (men and women) and activities are run and supervised by a Team of experienced and skilled professionals.

CompactLiving Factory is divided in 8 main funtional areas:

1) cutting area (timber beams and boards)
2) painting and drying area
3) assembly area for timber frame elements
4) assembly area for roof trusses and modular houses
5) indoor storage spaces
6) outdoor storage spaces
7) offices
8) worker’s recreational areas (changing rooms, kitchen, meeting room, showers and sauna)

Factory premises are monitored by a CCTV system that can be accessed by the Management from anywhere in the World, using a secure internet connection.