Qhaus reaches Passivhaus Airtightness

So it is official: we measured 0.48 h-1 on the N50 air pressure test!

This happened at the end of summer 2015 in Kautokeino, Norway, where Qhaus has built a 1000 m2 Health Care Centre for Kautokeino Municipality.
With this building Qhaus has proven to be able to build in full respect of the Passivhaus Standard, specifically the Norwegian NS3700. It is a great achievement for our Company and for the Industry of Prefabricated Woodhouses in general.

Everything in this Project is above the average: external walls are over 600mm thick and a large number of them are even curved; windows have passive frames and airtightnes was designed to meet the highest standards.
Since the very beginning of the Project we put extra care to design all details of the airthight layer. Tapes were used wherever necessary, with special attention to the connection of windows (tapes around the window frames).
The challenge was to meet the requirements of NS3700 and get the building officially certified as Passivhaus.

It is a pleasure to share the information that, on 9th Semprember 2015, the Kautokeino Health Care Centre was officially given over to Kautokeino Municipality and that everything went according the plan.
Now a whole Norwegian community can enjoy a living space entirely made in Estonia!