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Passive House Consultant Certificate

CPHDIt is a well known fact that new buildings can be designed in such a way that they consume only a small fraction of the energy used by conventional houses up to now.

The Passive House Consultant/Designer Certificate is an indication for potential Customers that the holder has acquired the knowledge and experience for successful planning of Passive Houses. The Certificate is issued upon examination by the Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt, Germany.
Certified Passive House Consultants have demonstrated sound fundamentals on Passive House Design. Since knowledge is always personal only individuals are certified.

M.Sc. Engineer Andrea Bronzini holds the title of Passive House Consultant here at Qhaus.

Designing and building a house according guidelines of Passivhaus Standard guarantees superior performances of the buillding and ensures that extra care has been taken in design of all the construction details.
Added benefits will be:

1) uniform indoor temperatures
2) better air-tightness
3) better indoor comfort
4) absence of condesation/mold
5) lower Energy consumption





Every project is a new challenge. It's not just about houses... it's more about building trust with our Customers and let them lead us to discover their real needs.

says Karin, Sales Engineer at Qhaus