Factory production is obviously Compactliving premium Service. All the other Services we offer, are aimed to make factory production as smooth and as quick as possible.

Factory production of one residential unit (150-250m2) takes less than a week!

In such a short time, all the information collected in the previous stages (Price OfferEngineering Design) will come in the hands of workers that will turn drawings into a fully functional Product. There is no room for uncertainty or mistakes. This is why we have to be thorough starting from the very first contacts with the Client.

Factory production starts cutting to measure timber beams and boards (chip-boards, gypsums, etc). Timber beams are cut with an automated machine following a cut-list that comes from our Designers. Each element of the house is in fact “broken down” into its many different pieces and layers of materials, and the result is a long lists of materials with their own measures.

Cut is performed element by element and all the parts for a given element are gathered together at cutting stations.
After cut, all parts are transported to assembly stations where workers assemble the element following the design.

Assembly begins with the main timber-frame then one layer of chip-board is mounted. The frame is then filled with insulation and vapour-control membrane is installed.
After proper installation of vapour-control membrane, the service frame is fitted onto the main frame, followed by the internal layer of insulation and pipes/boxes for electrical wires.

The element is then closed with last chip-board layer and gypsum boards are then installed.
Quality control is in force during the whole assembly process.

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