Prefab Tiny Houses – the new Trend for Affordable Housing

Let’s face it: building a house is expensive.
Building a new home from scratch is something most of us do only once in a lifetime… and some don’t even get to try this experience.
Choosing a prefab woodhouse helps to keep costs dows… but that might not be enough.

With prices of everything going up every day and banks granting less and less money, the new smart solutionto have a chance to build your custom made home seems to be only one: go small.

How small is small?

We get more and more requests for prefab tiny houses and the “tightest” end of the trend has reached living areas below 100m2.
As a matter of fact, we have seen floor plans where all the fetaures to accomodate a family of four persons are packed in barely 80m2.

Now, on one end this might look very tight… but if the alternative is living in a flat as tight as this tiny house… wouldn’t you prefer to be the King of your small Castle?

Seems like many prefer to establish their own kingdom even if this does not look anything like the Playboy mansion and, instead, has a rather portable size.

The advantages
On top of the obvious advantage to be able to make your dream come true, a small house comes also with a few great plus:

1) small bills
2) small Taxes
3) faster execution

1) Yes, this is what you will benefit of if you go for a small sized home: your energy bill can be as low as zero if you plan everything in the right way.

Here at Qhaus we are always ready to do an extra effort for those Clients requesting advise on how to make their homes more Energy efficient. With tiny house, small home, cabins… Clients can expect to maximize their investment and reach increadible Energy savings.

2) About Taxes, well, this speaks for itself. You don’t need any engineering degree or Passivhaus certification to understand that you’ll pay less property taxes if you own a small house. Eventually your tiny home can be even classified as “cabin” or “summer house” and be subject to even lower taxes.

3) If you buy a small prefab woodhouse you can expect a short time for design and erection and the production itself would be done in just a couple of days.
This solution is perfect for those who need to move in quickly (i.e. demolish exsisting old house and replacing it with a brand new Energy efficient prefab home).
If the architecture of your Project allows for it, your house could even be built in pre-finished modules which come to your construction site complete with interior finishes and furnitures… this is a major time saver and in most cases is also more cost effective.

Summing up
At the end of the day you have to do your own homework and decide which way to go: small or anything else.

Qhaus would be happy to assist you crunching the numbers of cost and energy expenses and hopefully together we can find the optimal solution to provide you a Tailor made Home at the price you can afford. If you are considering to go below the 100m2, don’t be scared… it’s not foolish: there are a lots of others like you that are taking the same direction right now.

If you are a Developer, please contact us, we have great ideas to discuss with you to make your Project more appealing and affordable to final clients!