A new method of construction. Unique and patented solution which makes it possible to expand or reduce your home step by step, room by room, in different combinations, just as you like. You can not only add or remove a room, but also change the position of a wall, a window, or a door. A beautiful, affordable, comfortable, handy, warm and cozy home.

You can live your dream. You design your own home.
Just the way you like it.

We will find out what you want, coordinate with local authorities, you get a building permit, we break the construction process down into stages and assemble the house you need. We will show how to expand your dream house room by room. You may start with a 30 m2 cabin and end up being the proud owner of a fabulous villa.

You do not have to construct and pay for a whole house all at once. You can start with just one room and expand it whenever you want and whenever you can.

There are no limits. The house is too small? We will make it bigger. Your family will have a new member? It is possible to order an additional room. You need a sauna? It takes just a hoist of a crane. The sitting room is not big enough? It takes just a day to fix the problem. Fancy another storey? Why not! An awning for a door? In a moment! A garage? Yes, sure! A balcony? Brilliant idea! A shed? Here you are! Do what you want! If you like a traditional house, you can order a classic gable roof. You don't have to do so at once. Take your time.

Teo.house offers you a ready-made house.
There are no hidden prices.

If you wish to use finishing materials different from what we offer, we'll just calculate the price. After that you can reflect and then decide. The cost of basement, heating system and transport needs to be calculated separately, as this is something you cannot do without knowing the circumstances. With standard solutions, your new home will cost about 1100 euros per m2 + VAT. Teo is warm and it keeps warm – it can be built as a low-energy house.

Your new home is not attached to the ground and the plot of land. You can move it or take it to another place, if you wish.

This means that you need not own the land underneath your house. You can take your Teo to Granny's orchard, or to a piece of land rented from a friend. And when you'll find your own plot, you can move your house there. Or if you do not like your neighbours, you can just go away and leave them behind.
It does not make a difference, whether you build your house in a big city or in the country – the cost will be the same. It is no news that when you decide to sell your home, the price of a house in the countryside is normally much lower than that of a city house, although the houses may actually be quite similar. Teo.house will eliminate the problem. You may sell your house in a way that the new owner can take it anywhere. This means that you can safely build a home in the countryside and there is no need to worry about the investment and the prospects of selling the house in the future.

Teo.house concept is proudly developed by Teokarp OÜ