Roof Trusses

At Q-haus roof trusses are produced exactly as per specifications. Using the best technologies available, we cut to measure and assemble roof trusses of any kind. We make roof trusses not only for our element houses but also for Clients that just need a new roof on their house. In this section you can read details on our factory equipment and on the construction process of the elements that will support the roof over your head.

Prefabricated Roof Trusses

Here at Q-haus we produce roof trusses for both our prefabricated timber frame element houses and for custom projects of our Clients. Many of the roof trusses produced by Q-haus are also installed on brick/concrete walls.

Production of roof trusses starts from structural design and then parts are assembled together using Mitek nailplates.

mitek-nailplateThe Mitek hydraulic press installed in Q-haus factory has a 40 tons pressure strength and it is the perfect tool to build rock solid roof elements. With the same technology and the same press we assemble the rafters of our timber frame roof elements.

Roof trusses are assembled following custom design delivered by our Client or developed by our specialised Partners.

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