Double Framed Insulated Core

Our walls deliver outstanding thermal performances thanks to the generous amount of insulation packed into the core of the wall itself.
All the external walls are composed by two timber frames, separated by a vapour-control membrane. The outer frame is the structural one while the inner frame serves as service spaces for cables and pipes.

The vapour-control layer is a continous membrane (taped where necessary) that wraps the whole building and ensures superior air-tightness, avoiding condensation problems in the outer insulation material.

The size of the service timber frame (innermost frame) is always 45x45mm. The service space is fitted with 50m glasswool.
The thickness of the main timber frame can be chosen in the following standard measures: 120, 145, 170, 195, 220, 245mm.

On request we can produce thicker frames (for better Energy performances) ranging from 290mm to 490mm.

In our standard production all the interiors are equipped with a double layer (gypsum+chipboard) for a total thickness of 23mm. The exterior of the wall (facade) can be finished with cladding or plastering.

The following table summarizes the overall dimensions and performances of our core walls.

Internal Gypsum Board [mm] Internal Chipboard [mm] Service frame [mm] Main frame [mm] Core Thickness [mm] U-value [W/m2K]
13 10 45 120 197 0.257
13 10 45 145 222 0.225
13 10 45 170 247 0.200
13 10 45 195 272 0.180
13 10 45 220 297 0.164
13 10 45 245 322 0.150

IMPORTANT: U-values given in this table take into account the effect of the timber frame. Please be carefull when comparing these figures with numbers from other manufacturers (timber frame is usually not accounted for in the attempt to show a lower U-value).