Nordic or Mediterranean

In 10 years of activity we have seen many projects. In order to satisfy our Clients we developed different solutions for different climates, both from aesthetic and comfort point of view.

Today we are able to provide the right solution to build a wooden (timber frame) element house in nearly any location in Europe.

Qhaus standard production offers external cladded walls (mainly for Nordic climate) and external plastered walls (mainly for Mediterranean climate).

While the core of the wall remains the same, the outer layers are optimized for the prevalent climate in the Country of destination.

Cold climates require outstanding insulation and highly performing windows with large glazed areas, warm climates are all a different story and buildings to be built there shall have different characteristics.

While it is in general a good principle to keep a generous amount of insulation in the building envelope, in warm climates becomes important to consider the thermal inertia of the building more than its absolute energy emission. Failure to do so will quickly lead to overheating in summer.

This is one reason why brick/concrete structures are preferred in warm climates.

However, with todays technology and with our knowhow, we are able to propose timber framed solutions with performances similar to brick/concrete (for a fraction of the weight!).