Prefabricated Timber Frame Element Houses

Factory production of Prefabricated Wooden Element Houses is the main area of activity of Qhaus.

Timber frame structures are characterized by lightweigth components packed with lots of insulation, offering the highest Energy saving performances per kg of material used in construction.

Prefab timber frame houses are high quality products: durable, comfortable and custom made to statisfy your needs.

Not only prefab wooden houses are more Energy efficient than other houses of similar size, but they come also at a cheaper price.
The cheaper price is result of several factors that play in favor of the economy of a prefab timber frame house:


1) engineering design is optimized and nothing is left to the case. There are no surprises during factory production as everything is decided beforehand with great detail.
2) all materials come from trusted sources and the purchasing pipeline follows always the same rules and, for dozens of units each year, all materials comes to the same place: our factory. All materials have proper certificates and meet Quality requirements.
3) procedures and operations at the factory are repetitive and highly optimized. This way we can save a great deal of time… and money of course.

As Producer of wooden houses, we not only manufacture a superior Product but we also Design it and offer Consultation Service to our Clients.
Our goal is to provide comfortable and Energy saving buildings and to help reducing the carbon footprint.