Q-haus now delivering houses to the Western Europe

On autumn 2016 Qhaus reached the important goal of delivering and sucessfully installing a beautiful home in the heart of Europe.
With the help of a successful German Partner, we crossed the Liechtenstein border and we made a dream come true for a young family.

The Project, still under construction at the moment of writing of this article, was started in summer 2016 and the house set was delivered to Liechtenstein in the end of September.
The house was designed in the record time of four weeks, using the in-house Design Team and the 3D software Vertex.
Qhaus collaboration with the Finnish software house Vertex Systems OY started in 2015 and it is now giving positive results.

The house was assembled by our Estonian Crew and it was externally finished with less than 1000 man-hour of work on site.
Our Customer was delighted with the delivery and the positive experience and we are happy to share the same positive feelings.