Q-haus now supplying prefabricated Mobile Office Modules

The year 2016 has brought a considerable raise in demand of modular constructions, especially for small modules in the range of 20-30 m2.
To satisfy the request of our valuable business customers we developed a line of modular mobile office units that can be easily assembled in various configurations.
We began production of those modules in April 2016 and we are open for orders!

Have a look at the plans and see if this suits your needs…

All modules are preassembled in Qhaus Factory and are finished inside with laminated boards, easy to clean and requiring basically no maintenance at all.

Modules have double glazed plastic windows, linoleum floors and electric radiators.

At present we can offer as standard 3 types of modules:

– open space (1 large room)
– double office (2 rooms + 1 corridor)
– wet module (1 large room + 1 small room + 1 bathroom)


Modules can be lift with a regular crane and the can be stack up to 3 floors high.
They can be assembled in multiple configurations and they are easy to move or replace.
As temporary solutions they offer the cheapest and greatest degree of flexibility.


Modules are built witht the same technology and construction process we use in our premium residential houses.
While we use steel for the floor construction, the rest of the structure is still made out of certified wood. As result, the interiors are warm, dry and provide a good degree of acoustic insulation.

For more info or for any request please contact our Sales Director.