Christmas Special Offer

This Christmas we decided to make something special for our Clients and we prepared a very special offer!
We are selling our Classic 103, in the low-energy version and with Carport, at the ridicolus price of

43 000 EUR!!!

The House

This one-floor house model offers a perfect living expericence. In just a little over 100 m2 of internal space you will find:

– 1 open living-room
– 1 open kitcken
– 2 bedrooms
– 1 large bedroom
– 1 large bathroom
– 1 sauna
– 1 entrance hall
– 1 technical room
– 1 storage room
– 1 large terrace
– 1 covered parking space

The House offered in this Kit has walls filled with 250mm glasswool insulation. This solution has extremely low energy-consumption and it is compliant with the Norvegian Standard TEK10.

What is included in the Offer

For this special price you will get one complete House Kit “Classic 103v” including:

– 1 complete set of double framed external walls (250mm glasswool insulation)
– 1 complete set of internal walls
– 1 complete set of energy efficient windows and doors (wooden, triple glazed, white painted)
– 1 complete set of roof trusses
– 1 complete set of material for roof (insulation, membranes, battens)
– 1 complete set of roof cover material+rain gutters (steel cover, polyester coated)
– 1 complete set of material for facade finishing
– 1 complete set for construction of terrace
– 1 complete set for construction of carport+shed (roof and roof cover material included)
– 1 complete set of battens and gypsum boards for interior finish of walls and ceilings
– 1 complete set of Design Documents, including Erection Manual

The offer includes only the materials for the structure of the house. Works and additional installation are NOT included in the price. In particular are excluded from the price of the Offer:

> transport
> foundation works
> erection works
> finishing works
> interior finishing materials and installations (paint, floors, …)
> sauna interior materials and sauna equipment
> technical installations (electricity, ventilation, heating, water, sewage, …)

Validity the Offer

The Offer is valid only for orders of House Kit “Classic 103v” under the following conditions:

– order is placed within 31.01.2014
– delivery is scheuled within 30.04.2014

Eventual changes to the design of the House (internal walls, facade, windows, …) are possible upon agreement on price change.

Get in contact with us

If you wish, we can offer for you transport and erection works.
Use the Contact Form on the RIGHT to get in contact with us and receive more information on this Offer… or drop us an email: