Updated ISO Certifications for Qhaus

Following a third-party audit carried out in November 2013, ISO certificates were updated and awarded to Qhaus for the year 2014.
During the auditing process it was verified that activities at Qhaus are carried our according to requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001.

Although ISO certification is not mandatory for our products, we believe it is important for our Clients to have a guarantee, signed by a third and independent party,  ensuring consistency in the main procedures regulating our activities. Working according ISO’s management system standards (ISO 9001 or ISO 14001), is also a way for Qhaus to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Company operations.

New certificates were issued by “Bureau Veritas Eesti OÜ” and autenticity of the documents can be verified by calling their office at +372 6676610.

Copy of certificates can be downloaded here:

ISO 9001, awarded to Q-Haus Baltic OÜ and valid for year 2014
ISO 14001, awarded to Q-Haus Baltic OÜ and valid for year 2014