Q-haus supplies houses to Bonava on Nedersta Project

It took 15 months of preparation and negotiation for Bonava and Q-haus to put a signature on this deal.
Now the Project has been launched and, on 27th February 2017, the first of 24 units was delivered to Nedersta, Sweden.

A carefully planned Project
In August 2015 Bonava Sweden (NCC at that time) contacted us to discuss about this project. This particular project is one part of a larger plan of Bonava and it requires all houses to be produced according Bonava’s standard.

Upon an eventual agreement, Q-haus would manufacture and deliver 24, almost identical, wooden element houses. The installation of elements would be performed by Bonava itself.

With this preliminary instructions in mind, we started to crunch the numbers on the Project and came out with a tailor made solution, meeting all the requirements set by Bonava. Given the size of the project and the particular specifications, it took several revisions of our proposal before we could finally agree on every detail.

Nevertheless, after 15 months of negotiations and adjustments, the agreement was successfully signed.

Our Quest for Excellence
Due to the customization requested by Bonava, the structure of elements to be produced is quite different from the regular standard of Q-haus production. However, thanks to our ERP system, we were able to simulate a production run for this not standard type of elements and we were able to price the elements at a very competitive price level.

Q-haus ERP system has been collecting real-time production data since August 2015. At the time of writing we count 36287 individual entries in the log of production. Each entry in the log represents one layer built onto one of the elements produced in Q-haus factory.

There are roughly 400 working days between February 2017 and when the system was launched, resulting in about 90 logs per day.

The degree of accuracy of this monitoring process has become very high and allows the Company to have great insights on the production process. These insights, followed by targeted actions, generated visible improvements in the whole structure of the Company.

Today Q-haus is able to offer unique product to Bonava as result of the smart choices made in the past 2 years.

A bright Future
At Q-haus everyone is very excited to work with an important player as Bonava.
We value the relationship we built with the Swedish Company and we expect this project to be a great success for both Parties.

We expect to learn a lot with this project, especially as feedback from the logs of production. This will allow us to become even faster and more competitive.

For more info or for any request please contact our Sales Team.