Strand Project in Tromsø

Strand Project is the perfect example of long-term and loyal collaboration between a Prefab House Producer and a Building Company.
Eiendom & Norske Hus AS” has been building in Tromsø dozens of houses in just a few years of activity. Since year 2012 ENH has been a good Client of Qhaus and together we have developed several private housing Projects implementing elegant, functional and cost effective solutions.

In year 2013 ENH started to work on something bigger than the single house developement and brought on our desks 8 row houses. That was the beginning of the Strand project that, by the end of year 2016, would have seen over 45 residential units built on Norwegian ground.

Benefits of a Long Term Collaboration

Engaging in a new business relationship is somehow similar to dating.
In the beginning you both have very high expectations and you make fantasies of how stunning the future together will be. As the realtionship matures you begin to know your Partner well… really well… and some of those expectations have to be adjusted to reflect the real pro and cons of the actual situation. Nevertheless you both still get mutual benefit from this arrangement and, despite the little things you discuss about, you decide to move on and grow together.

Once you do that, the weak “one-time thing” grows into something stronger, something durable that is sustained by the fact that now you know exactly what to expect from each other. There is no more flirting and no more trying to please the other party… we are extremely efficient, we come straight down to the facts. It is not dating anymore, it is a marriage… it is real business.

In four years of business together, Qhaus and ENH went through countless episodes of technical and financial challenges and, with a positive attitude and an open mind, we managed to face all those situations and come out both as winners. The quality of the Product has been increasing over time and we both learnt a lot during this collaboration .

Other than building trust over time, the benefit of a long term collaboration is that you get to be involved in the Project before it even starts. This way you have a chance of working together to study most effective solutions, the best selection of materials and construction details, the best cost effective version of the Project.
When People come together to share good and difficult times, there is where real Creativity is possible; there is where good Products are made.
This is good Engineering… and this is not done by Companies but by People.

…and that is why we engage in long term business relationships: because we learn to trust and rely in the skills and values of the People we work with . People are what matters, thinking of Companies and prices is just side effect of doing business.

The Strand Houses

All the houses at Strand are high-end units, arranged in row-house configuration and the architecture ranges from single family unit to multi apartmement building.
The first set of houses of the new development was built in Spring-Summer 2015 on the architecture layout of “Villa Lilla” from Nordbohus, although the layout has been extensively modified by ENH to fit the needs of their Client.
As a side note: Qhaus has been working on other house models from Nordbohus, namely “Arcturus” and other custom designed units.

Strand houses feature premium materials and high-perfomance components, such as the large windows manufactured by NorDan AS and the wooden cladded facade impregnated with MøreRoyal® products.