The Trondalstoppen Project is a good example of a successful B2B collaboration.
Trondalstoppen is located close to Fredrikstad, approximately 80 min drive from Oslo. The development consists of over 70 residential units arranged in different type of houses (villas, row houses, apartment houses) and the uphill location offer a breathtaking view on the close harbor in Fredrikstad.

The site was developed by a local Entrepreneur with support of local Architects (SG Arkitekter). Qhaus has been offering technical support to the development since the very beginning and, in the time span of 2 years, we delivered to the site over 20 units.

Made in Estonia

All the houses on the Trondalstoppen site were factory made in Estonia and they have been shipped to Norway by truck. Depending on the size, one house is delivered on 4-6 trucks and it can be assembled up to the roof in just 5 days. The following video (made by the Crane crew) shows the timelapse assembely of a row-house of this type.

The factory production of these row-houses takes typically around one week and the fact that all units are based on the same design saves a considerable amount of time, allowing our Client to place an order and get the house on his site in just 4 weeks from the Contract!

When projects are organized this way, houses can be up and weathertight in just 8 weeks from the order. This is possible thanks to the factory production and to a careful planning system for the logistic.

A house for everyone

Although there is basically no limit to architecture possibilities with flat pack timber houses (kit homes), the Trondalstoppen settlement has been developed with a modern funk style design (funkishus), still in full respect of Norwegian tradition concerning materials end exterior appearance.
The first houses to be built were large units offering superior Energy performance, being build well over the TEK10 standard with 300mm insulation in the walls.
At some point during development the necessity became evident of offering smaller units in order to allow young family to buy a place of their own.

The solution was to take advantage of the housing loans offered by Husbanken and so a portion of the development was replanned accordingly.
Smaller units were designed and Energy performance became even a more important factor given the strict requirements imposed by Husbanken in order to issue loans on new buildings.

The perfect Project

This kind of development turned out to be a great success.
Having a qualified Architectural Studio behind the Project guaranteed that all the details were taken care of. There was practically no unforeseen in the planning. Also, the Developer himself proved to have remarkable planning skill as he was able to keep almost entirely his scheduled calendar for the implementation of the Project.

The key to the quick implementation has been imposing to the final customers standardization of the facades while leaving some degree of flexibility on the interiors. This also plays nice for having a good looking neighborhood.

We are thankful to our Client for having given to us the possibility of giving our contribution to the development of a beautiful area. We are looking forward to a future where this kind of project will become a standard in construction: prefabricated housing as a cost convenient and sustainable way of building.