3 Secrets to Build Your Prefab Home in Record Time

Many spend years thinking about their dream home, with little or no action. Others wake up one day and they just want to get started with the challenging project of building a new home.

No matter on which side you stand, when the day comes to build a new nest for you and your family, you can do that in a record time if you follow these 3 simple tips

Choose your Supplier early

If you took the decision to buy a prefabricated wooden house, sooner or later you have to choose one Producer that will manufacture your building.
Our warm recommendation is to be biased to action already from an early stage and to pick the Producer that inspires you the most trust.

Many base their decision on price and this comes very often with unhappy surprises. Among the common problems we can list the following:

  • the cheapest Producer did not included everything you need;
  • the cheapest Producer does not match the Quality you were expecting;
  • the cheapest Producer cannot deliver the house within the agreed delivery date;
  • the cheapest Producer cannot supply the house at the price originally proposed.

Now, think for a moment about the difference in price considered over 30 years.
Even in case that difference exceeds a sum of 10000 EUR, we are talking of something equivalent to less than one coffee per day.
Following this reasoning you understand that focusing on money-only is a silly way to go about planning what will be your home for a very long time.

Partnering up with a Producer since planning phase, will give you instead a few extra benefits. More important of all it will save you Time and money.
In fact, any reputable Producer will be able (and happy) to assist you in planning the correct development of your Project once you have signed an agreement for purchasing the house.

Rather than postponing the decision of choosing the Supplier, your smart move is then to pick the most reputable one and work side by side to achieve your goals faster and better.
This translates in less time wasted asking for price offers, less time wasted to compare them, more confidence in your own capabilities of handling the whole project.

Get help with Design

At a bear minimum it is important that you rely on your own Architect/Engineer to provide a preliminary architectural design to be approved by your Municipality.
On top of that, it is recommendable to get specific guidelines concerning the design for factory production.

Again, the most qualified entity to assist you on that is your choosen Producer.
Relying on his experience and expertees will speed up your approval process and will ensure that you do not have to postpone any deadline due to unforeseen issues with construction details or poorly planned solutions.

Partner up with your Producer and use him as much as possible to provide quality insights for your Project.

Get help with Planning

Correct planning is of utmost importance.
A faulty plan can cost you tens of thousands euro and lots of time. You shall do everything in your power to avoid mistakes in planning.

Once more, you can use your Producer to help you planning all the phases of the build in the necessary details. Supplier love to make clear plannings with their Client… it makes their work easier and it reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and failure.

Embrace this and turn it to your advantage. Ask your Supplier for help!

For more info or for any request please contact our Sales Team.