Q-haus Stories – Evelina: that one person that keeps the Team together

Evelina joined the Q-haus in spring 2014. She started at Q-haus as Estimator and that was her first office job.
Today Evelina is one of the most valuable resources at Q-haus, taking care Quality control and Customer Satisfaction during her daily job as Project Assistant.

We asked Evelina a few questions to understand how is it like to work at Q-haus.

About one year ago you were promoted to a position that was established to improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction.
Tell us about your daily routine on this kind of job. 

Evelina: my daily routine is made up of lots of different tasks. Of course I start my day with coffee 🙂
I begin by checking emails since several Clients reply to my emails on late evening. Thanks to out Development Department, we now we have a “Task Manager” and an “Issue Manager“, where I can see also additional tasks I have to perform or reminders; there I can schedule new tasks coming from latest communications with Clients.
Later I need to take care of all the invoices/prepayments that should be issued and then I check on the progress of the open projects.
When we are shipping, I have to assist the Factory in preparing paperwork for the trucks to be delivered. I also lend them a hand to make sure all documentation is correct and, whenever necessary, I push people in the office to keep information running at all time.

I am always on a tight schedule and probably a bit nervous at times… but so it is life today and mostly i like it.

What do you like the most about your daily assignments? 

Evelina: there is no particular assignment I like the most. I like when things are done correctly and everyone does his/her job the right way… so we all can be more relaxed and be proud of our work.

Which are for you the biggest challenges?

Evelina: my day is full of challenges, it is a long list
However, the most important thing is to help people to make information flow correctly. It might sound as a simple task but it is the one thing that brings the biggest results over the long run.

Which results do you expect your work to bring to the Company?

Evelina: I hope that the biggest impact of my work will be having happy Clients. I hope they will be grateful for the home they have and happy about the services we rendered to them.
Also, I want the people working in Q-haus feeling good during their working day… we spend 1/3 of our life in the office, I really wish everyone can enjoy that.

How do you expect this experience to impact your Career?

Evelina: from a technical point of view, I am learning lots of things and getting better every week. Also, the many things to do and the tight schedule, force me to deal with strong emotions and helps me to become a better person.
About the future… let’s see. Maybe one day I will grow to become a Project Manager