High Quality Prefab Houses – meet the “Issue Manager”

Here at Qhaus we take Quality really seriously and we value time, YOURS and ours.
That is why in 2013 we started to develop our own Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) which is now fully functional and running.

Latest addition to ERP is the “Issue Manager”. This tool allows Designers and Project Managers to interact with Clients by creating “Issues” on Projects.
The main goals we had in mind while creating the Issue Manager were:

  1. minimizing email traffic (internal and external)
  2. keeping all “official” communications and agreements in one place
  3. give to Clients the possibility to review Issues at any time and interact with us by commenting directly on our system

Here is how it works…

Benefits of the system

The Issue Manager transfers into ERP the procedure of handling communications with Clients regarding changes to Contacts. This process is usually carried out via email or phone and leaves records in the form of scattered electronic communications.
Migrating our communications to ERP improves a big deal our ISO 9001 compliance. Today we are 100% sure that ISO procedures on this matter are followed precisely and with no exception. Loss of information is minimized. Also, possible misunderstandings with Clients are cut down to zero.

Typical misunderstanding scenario is when a Client requests a change in design that brings along a change in price. In the rush of executing the design (to stay on schedule for production) the change was executed but the Client did not understand clearly that the new solution would have been more expensive than the one originally proposed.

Today each change is logged into the Issue Manager and completed with both technical description AND related price. The Client has to approve the change before we proceed with its implementation. As the Client approves the change, the sum of Contract is automatically updated and both Parties are notified by email.

The system is simple and effective… and leaves no room for discussion.

Clear agreements = good relations

By eliminating elements of discussion with our Clients, we managed to focus on what really matters: deliver outstanding prefabricated wooden homes.
The engineering design of a flat-pack prefabricated construction can be an overwhelming process. Clients sometimes are confused and puzzled in front of the huge amount of information we have to examine, review and agree.
It is therefore very important that all the decisions we take together are registered, in a way that both parties can easily check whenever necessary. That is why we made the Issue Manages accessible to our Clients from any web browser.

The feedback from Clients has been more than positive. Also employees love the new system.
Everyone can now have a clear, real-time, overview of what is going on in the Project while all this info stays in the system for the records.

For more info or for any request feel free to contact our Sales Team.