Modular Houses for Refugees

Europe is facing a major challenge to keep up with the large number of migrants. So far hundreds of thousands of people have left the Middle East and Africa, risking their lives along the way. The migration bring them in Europe where they hope to start a better life, but in order to even begin to think of a better life it is necessary to give them decent living conditions. As result, one of the biggest problems arising from this massive movement of refugees is related with housing.

This very sensitive issue got us thinking and so here at Qhaus we developed a new, affordable, modular housing system specifically designed for refugees.

Affordable housing

Everyone has the right to a roof on his head and EU Countries are doing whatever they can to address this very important social problem.
Since early 2015, Qhaus, in collaboration with other house factories from Estonian Woodhouse Association, has been playing its part in researching and developing a solution to provide affordable homes to those Governments and Municipalities flooded with immigrants.

The issue of lack of accommodations was brought to us by a German Partner who described in detail the harsh situation that Germany is currently facing in order to provide a roof for the hundreds of thousands refugees in the Country. In fact, many of the immigrants moving in Europe at present, end up in Germany.
Germany receives by far the most asylum applications in the EU and says it is expecting 800,000 refugees to arrive this year!

The phenomenon is of alarming proportion and the need for shelters is overwhelming. This 90 seconds video explains in simple words how this is happening.

Q-haus solution

Our engineers came up with a modular solution that allows building large residential complexes in short time by using low-cost prefabricated modules that can be assembled in various configurations.

While the bathroom area is always organized in a 13.5 m2 module, living units can range from 13.5 to 67.5m2. This allows the accomodation of a whole family in a convenient, clean, warm, prefabricated space.
Units are fully equipped with kitchen, shower, sink and toilet. Furnishing with guardrobes and beds is left to the final Client.

Production capacity is estimated in 80 mudules/month and, with the joint effort of Estonian Producers, this number can increase to several hundreds per month, making possible to give a permanent home to thousands refugees in the short span of one year.

Of course this is not going to solve the whole problem of lodging for these people but it is a first step towards their integration into Europe.

The m2 cost of this solution is around 750 EUR/m2 + transport.
At the moment we are not in liberty to share the details of this design. For more info or for any request please contact our Sales Director Andrea.