Q-haus Stories – Matteo: One Year Working at Q-haus

Matteo joined the Design Team in November 2014. He moved from Italy accepting the exciting challenge of living and working abroad in a Country 3000km far from home.
Today Matteo is one of the most valuable resources at Q-haus, taking care of design tasks and implementation of new design system by the Finnish Softwarehouse “Vertex Systems OY“.

We asked Matteo a few questions to understand how is it like to work at Q-haus.

Tell us about your daily routine at Q-haus

Matteo: it is challenging to talk about a daily routine, because there hardly is a defined one. One day I am busy drawing connection details, the next one I develop a software’s library, and the day after I create a 3D model for a new project. According to necessity, these tasks – and many more – can take place during a single day.

How would you describe your experience in a multicultural Office space?

Matteo: enriching, for I can learn about differences in culture, as well as working style and education, from all the members of the work team. There are currently people from four different nationalities working in the office, which amounts to five different languages spoken; this gives a good kick to personal development.

What do you like the most about your daily assignments?

Matteo: all the tasks that deal with problem solving. Whether it is finding a way to solve an unusual detail or learning and implementing a software, everything that shakes the routine (and stimulates further the brain) is much welcome.

Which are for you the biggest challenges?

Matteo: the ones that deal with the differences between countries. Since the requests come from many different states in Europe, one should pay much attention not only to the various regulations, but also to the diverse culture and requests of the clients. Having a satisfied customer implies finding an optimal middle ground between our standards and his/her wishes.

Which results do you expect your work to bring to the Company?

Matteo: more efficiency, and a different point of view. I can see how the personal experience of each individual can bring new ideas and help speed up different aspects of the whole process. In my case, BIM modelling and the newly adopted Vertex software will aid to achieve even better results in less time.

How do you expect this experience to impact your Career?

Matteo: greatly, for two reasons: first, this is my first working experience abroad; second, it is a great one! The attention to details payed here is helping me to develop both critical spirit and care for the overall quality of the product.