Agent in Norway





Sorenskriver Bulls gate 56,
Ålesund, 6002 Norway
Tel +47 916 03 007

Kaj Høydal

I first visited Q-haus in Tallinn in 2011 and am now their Agent in Norway since August 2018.

Q-haus supplies and collaborates with customers who have central approval in Norway. I.e. that Q-Haus participates as “Element Tailor” in a Total contract, such as when Q-Haus delivered 48 townhouses for OBOS in Fredrikstad-Norway in 2018.

Customer Project: Q-haus has delivered houses for over ten years in Norway.
We are looking for contact with company`s in the field of housing construction for cooperation. Here, all from SMB companies to major players.

If you have a construction project in the planning phase, please contact me directly for an initial offer. I follow up the project from first offer to final delivery.

Example: Production by customer design
Element Houses (Exterior Wall)
Modular Houses (cleared for interior wall w / EL-pipe ducts and the like)
Facade element (Larger building)
Roof Trusses

Important key factors:
ISO 9001 – Quality management
ISO 14001 – Environmental management
ETA European Technical Approval (Same as SINTEF in Norway)
EU Certificate of Timber Quality (ACF)
CE Marked
StartBank Approved in Norway