Kautokeino Health Care Center

Kautokeino Home Care Centre is a beautiful example of how the woodhouse Industry can help to make the World a better place. This fine engineered low-Energy building is home to many elders of the Kautokeino community in the cold and beautiful Finnmark

• Location: Kautokeino, Norway
• Customer: Peyma Entreprenør AS
• Area: 1000 m2

On top of the intriguing geometry, we were asked to deliver a building that would meet the strict Passivhaus Standard NS3700. This particular standard is in many ways more strict than the regular standard (TEK10), especially regarding Energy Efficiency and airtightness.

Comment from our customer:
“We are very pleased to work with Q-haus for the projects we have completed together. Through the projects we’ve done together, we have seen Q-haus as trust-worthy and with good skills among all the workers.”
(Yngve Mathiasen, Peyma Entreprenør AS)