Qhaus manufactures your house on your own architectural design!

Tailor Made Homes

Qhaus floor slabs are optimized to guarantee stability and a noise-free living...

Intermediate Floors

We offer high performance roofs, either made in elements or built on site...

Timber frame Roofs

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Cladded or Plastered Facades

Our standard production offers solutions for wooden and rendered facades.
Our external walls can be fitted with external cladding (horizontal or vertical) or with materials suitable for plastering such as high-density wood-fibre panels suitable for plastering or Aquapanel boards in case of ventilated facades.

cladded-wallThe choice of the type of external finishing comes down to personal preference.
However, plastered walls do have a better thermal inertia and are recommendable in warmer climates (read more here).

We offer both horizontal and vertical cladding and most of the boards are installed in the factory, leaving out only a few sections where connections have to be made on site.






All houses are different and from every one of them we learn something to improve the way we design and build your house.

says Tõnu, Project Manager at Qhaus