Qhaus manufactures your house on your own architectural design!

Tailor Made Homes

Qhaus can turn your dream in a comfortable home...at affordable price!

Wooden Element Houses

If you just need a solid roof over your head we can build it for you!

Roof Trusses

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Transport and Assembly

erection-worksIn our standard Price Offer we arrange for Transport and Erection of the House Kit.
Transport is offered from our Factory to Client's construction site.

Erection is carried out by one of our Erection Teams that will stay on the construction site the time necessary to install all the elements, finish the exterior of the house, ensure that all the internal spaces are ready for other installations (electrics, ventilation, piping, ...) and for internal finishing works.

Delivery starts at Qhaus Factory where we load all the elements on trucks (2.4 x 3.0 x 13m), together with all loose materials necessary for a complete and successful erection. The cargo is transported to destination and handed over to the Client which is responsible for unloading on site (within 2 hours from arrival).

If you want to have more details on Transport and Erection procedures, please contact one of our Sales Managers or just use the contact form on the right.





10 years ago we made our commitment to deliver a superior Product. Today we celebrate our success as our Product is one of the best on the Market.

says Reino, CEO&Board Member at Qhaus