Qhaus manufactures your house on your own architectural design!

Tailor Made Homes

Qhaus can turn your dream in a comfortable home...at affordable price!

Wooden Element Houses

If you just need a solid roof over your head we can build it for you!

Roof Trusses

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Engineering Design

house-designIn order to manufacture an Element House we need to do a considerable amount of Design works. Design phase takes most of the time in the process of timber frame house production.

Design works begin with review of your architectural project. Eventual changes, aimed to optimize costs and performances, will be proposed in this phase.

Other steps of the Design process are the following:

1) development of approval documents (between Qhaus and its Client)
2) development of structural calculations and foundation specifications/drawings (Client will use them to prepare the foundation while the house is being produced) 
3) development of design documents for factory production (Qhaus internal documents)
4) development of Erection Manual with drawings and specifications

Cost and time necessary for Design are estimated by Qhaus Sales Team during the process of Price Offer and agree beforehand with the Client.





10 years ago we made our commitment to deliver a superior Product. Today we celebrate our success as our Product is one of the best on the Market.

says Reino, CEO&Board Member at Qhaus