Qhaus manufactures your house on your own architectural design!

Tailor Made Homes

Qhaus can turn your dream in a comfortable home...at affordable price!

Wooden Element Houses

If you just need a solid roof over your head we can build it for you!

Roof Trusses

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Price Offers

house-pricesWe can spend hours talking about quality and performances of our houses. However at some point we'll have to talk about prices.
A Price Offer is the first step towards your dream home. Our Sales Team prepares customized offers taking into account the details of your architectural project and your special needs/desires.

At Qhaus we value our relationship with Clients and we'll do our best to meet your wishes. Price Offers are always free of charge.




Every project is a new challenge. It's not just about houses... it's more about building trust with our Customers and let them lead us to discover their real needs.

says Karin, Sales Engineer at Qhaus