Qhaus manufactures your house on your own architectural design!

Tailor Made Homes

Qhaus can turn your dream in a comfortable home...at affordable price!

Wooden Element Houses

If you just need a solid roof over your head we can build it for you!

Roof Trusses

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Price Offers

house-pricesWe can spend hours talking about quality and performances of our houses. However at some point we'll have to talk about prices.
A Price Offer is the first step towards your dream home. Our Sales Team prepares customized offers taking into account the details of your architectural project and your special needs/desires.

At Qhaus we value our relationship with Clients and we'll do our best to meet your wishes. Price Offers are always free of charge.

Engineering Design

house-designIn order to manufacture an Element House we need to do a considerable amount of Design works. Design phase takes most of the time in the process of timber frame house production.

Design works begin with review of your architectural project. Eventual changes, aimed to optimize costs and performances, will be proposed in this phase.


Factory Production

factory-productionFactory production is obviously Qhaus premium Service. All the other Services we offer are aimed to make factory production as smooth and quick as possible.

Factory production of one residential unit (150-250m2) takes less than a week!

How it's made

Transport and Assembly

erection-worksIn our standard Price Offer we arrange for Transport and Erection of the House Kit.
Transport is offered from our Factory to Client's construction site.

Erection is carried out by one of our Erection Teams that will stay on the construction site the time necessary to install all the elements, finish the exterior of the house, ensure that all the internal spaces are ready for other installations (electrics, ventilation, piping, ...) and for internal finishing works.





Timberframe element houses consist of large number of components. It requires a joint effort of a good team to make sure that everything is accounted correctly.

says Evelina, Quantity Surveyor at Qhaus