Discover the unique characteristics of our External and Internal walls!

Timber frame Walls

Qhaus floor slabs are optimized to guarantee stability and a noise-free living...

Intermediate Floors

We offer high performance roofs, either made in elements or built on site...

Timber frame Roofs

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Flexible solutions

structural-designAlmost 100% of Qhaus Prefabricated Wooden Element Houses is developed and built on Client's unique architectural design and specifications.
We are able to accomodate any kind of request and we always encourage our Clients to send us their own projects for evaluation.

Many Producers offer catalogue houses in the attempt to sell a cheaper product.
We value the relationship with our Clients and, although we can offer pre-designed solutions, we setup our business so that we can deliver exacly what the Client asks. Always.

Our Team is composed of skilled professionals and from the stage of the first Price Offer we can advise you on how to improve your project and make it suitable for timber frame factory production.

Qhaus timber frame elements are produced in a variety of types and sizes and it all comes to your personal needs/preferences.
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There are buildings born to be just houses.
We put more than one brain into the design... and add a piece of our hearts.
Our buildings are designed to be homes.

says Natalja, Designer at Qhaus