Discover the unique characteristics of our External and Internal walls!

Timber frame Walls

Qhaus floor slabs are optimized to guarantee stability and a noise-free living...

Intermediate Floors

We offer high performance roofs, either made in elements or built on site...

Timber frame Roofs

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Element Houses

Prefabricated Timber Frame Element Houses

prefab-timberframe-element-houseFactory production of Prefabricated Wooden Element Houses is the main area of activity of Qhaus.

Timber frame structures are characterized by lightweigth components packed with lots of insulation, offering the highest Energy saving performances per kg of material used in construction.


Flexible solutions

structural-designAlmost 100% of Qhaus Prefabricated Wooden Element Houses is developed and built on Client's unique architectural design and specifications.
We are able to accomodate any kind of request and we always encourage our Clients to send us their own projects for evaluation.


Energy Performance

green-energyAmong all the things a good building must do, saving Energy is one of the most important.
Today is not possible to build a house without considering how much Energy we will need to warm it in winter and to live comfortably.

Qhaus product is engineered to ensure the lowest possible Energy consumption.


Nordic or Mediterranean

hotcoldIn 10 years of activity we have seen many projects. In order to satisfy our Clients we developed different solutions for different climates, both from aesthetic and comfort point of view.
Today we are able to provide the right solution to build a wooden (timber frame) element house in nearly any location in Europe.





Timberframe element houses consist of large number of components. It requires a joint effort of a good team to make sure that everything is accounted correctly.

says Evelina, Quantity Surveyor at Qhaus