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Qhaus Quality and Environmental Principles

On top of ISO Certifications, Qhaus implements the following guidelines:

- complying with all the legislation pertaining to our operations;
- consistently offering our clients products and services that meet quality expectations, are completed on time and comply with the applicable legislation, standards and regulations;
- actively engaging in plans to constantly improve our quality, permitting our employees to do their work right the first time around;
- constant ongoing quality checks, the results of which are analysed to avoid the recurrence of nonconformities and to prevent their occurrence in the first place;
- constant process of quality improvement under which each employee takes responsibility for the quality of her/his work;
- working together with our clients, constantly finding optimal solutions to our clients' needs;

- considering the principles of sustainable development;
- utilising and manufacturing environmentally friendly materials/products meeting the highest requirements;
- employing environmentally friendly equipment meeting product requirements and minimising any harmful environmental impacts from our operations;
- treating waste in a manner safe for the environment and humans, and recycling them where possible
- raising our employees' qualifications and environmental awareness through training;
- informing all our employees and any parties or companies acting for us about our quality and environmental policy and objectives.





There are buildings born to be just houses.
We put more than one brain into the design... and add a piece of our hearts.
Our buildings are designed to be homes.

says Natalja, Designer at Qhaus