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Qhaus is on the road!

qhaus-truck-prefab-house-deliver-norway-smallJuly 2014 has been a very busy month here at Qhaus.
Among many other things, we consolidated our partnership with the transport Company "Kauritel" by sponsoring 6 trucks with our faboulos-looking flagship green!

The Partnership with Kauritel started a few years ago and from the very beginning it has been a great success. Thanks to Kauritel our houses are delivered always in time and with no surprises.

Each year we deliver dozens of houses using well over 100 single transports. At the rate of one load per day, logistic is something we cannot overlook.

The new Qhaus Trucks are a statement representing our commitment to provide always the best services to our Customers.

Fun fact: on the back of the trucks there is a large QRcode that you can scan with your smartphone if you happen to drive be behind the truck... scan it as see what happens! - DO NOT SCAN WHILE DRIVING!




All houses are different and from every one of them we learn something to improve the way we design and build your house.

says Tõnu, Project Manager at Qhaus