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5 features your Prefab Wooden Home must have - Infographic

infographic-qhaus-wooden-element-houses-5-must-have-features-headerWhen it comes to buy something we all spend some time doing research in order to find the best product for our budget.
When it comes to buy a new home this reasearch takes a considerable amount of time and effort and, if you have no experience in building sector, you risk to overlook important aspects.

We put together this infographic to give you a clear guideline to follow and make sure you get the 5 most important things.

On top of that, we wanted to make sure you understand that building a prefabricated house is way faster than going for a traditional build.

Have a look a the Infographic and let us know your thought!
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All houses are different and from every one of them we learn something to improve the way we design and build your house.

says Tõnu, Project Manager at Qhaus