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It is scientifically proven that we understand images better than words. For this reason providing charts and numeric information is more effective than explaining facts in detail.This is what Infographics do.

We created these Infographics to share effectively our point of view on the Wooden Housing Industry and to share key figures of our business.

NOTE: You are welcome to use the Infographics in your own articles, as long as you do not remove our contact info. We encourage you to embed the Infographics just by linking to the original images on our server. 


5 features your Prefab Wooden Home must have - Infographic

infographic-qhaus-wooden-element-houses-5-must-have-features-headerWhen it comes to buy something we all spend some time doing research in order to find the best product for our budget.
When it comes to buy a new home this reasearch takes a considerable amount of time and effort and, if you have no experience in building sector, you risk to overlook important aspects.

We put together this infographic to give you a clear guideline to follow and make sure you get the 5 most important things.





There are buildings born to be just houses.
We put more than one brain into the design... and add a piece of our hearts.
Our buildings are designed to be homes.

says Natalja, Designer at Qhaus