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Q-haus supplies houses to Bonava on Nedersta Project

qhaus-bonava-nederstaIt took 15 months of preparation and negotiation for Bonava and Q-haus to put a signature on this deal.
Now the Project has been launched and, on 27th February 2017, the first of 24 units has been delivered to Nedersta, Sweden.



Strand Project in Tromsø

Strand Qhaus 4apartments

Strand Project is the perfect example of long-term and loyal collaboration between a Prefab House Producer and a Building Company.
"Eiendom & Norske Hus AS" has been building in Tromsø dozens of houses in just a few years of activity. Since year 2012 ENH has been a good Client of Qhaus and together we have developed several private housing Projects implementing elegant, functional and cost effective solutions.

In year 2013 ENH started to work on something bigger than the single house developement and brought on our desks 8 row houses. That was the beginning of the Strand project that, by the end of year 2016, would have seen over 45 residential units built on Norwegian ground.




The Trondalstoppen Project is a good example of a successful B2B collaboration.
Trondalstoppen is located close to Fredrikstad, approximately 80 min drive from Oslo. The development consists of over 70 residential units arranged in different type of houses (villas, row houses, apartment houses) and the uphill location offer a breathtaking view on the close harbor in Fredrikstad. 

The site was developed by a local Entrepreneur with support of local Architects (SG Arkitekter). Qhaus has been offering technical support to the development since the very beginning and, in the time span of 2 years, we delivered to the site over 20 units.


Kautokeino Home Care

Qhaus-Kautokeino0031 cr

Kautokeino Home Care Centre is a beautiful example of how the woodhouse Industry can help to make the World a better place. This fine engineered low-Energy building will be home to many elders of the Kautokeino community in the cold and beautiful Finnmark.

We are always excited when we get to work on a large project and Kautokeino Home Care Centre gave us more than one reason to be proud for the excellent work of our Team.

The whole building has been prefabricated in Q-haus factory in Estonia, shipped by truck to Kautokeino and then assembled on-site under severe weather conditions.

The building itself is a single floor structure of 1000m2 floor plan, arranged in a beautiful horse-shoe shape. Quite particular architecture to begin with.

On top of the intriguing geometry, we were asked to deliver a building that would meet the strict Passivhaus Standard NS3700. This particular standard is in many ways more strict than the regular standard (TEK10), especially regarding Energy Efficiency and airtightness.






10 years ago we made our commitment to deliver a superior Product. Today we celebrate our success as our Product is one of the best on the Market.

says Reino, CEO&Board Member at Qhaus