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Q-haus chooses Weinmann to increase its Productivity

qhaus-weinmann-wbs120Here at Qhaus we take development very seriously and we made a commitment to improve constantly the way we work.

We are now upgrading our main saw to a fully automated Weinmann machine that will work in perfect integration with our ERP system.


Q-Haus to Build a Unique Upside Down House

qhaus-upside-down-houseAn upside-down house will be built in Tartu this year.
Q-haus has been involved in this project from the very beginning. We took care of the engineering design and we made sure the whole building could be manufactured indoor using our timber element technology.
Today we are thrilled to receive the news that the construction of the house is finally approved by the Municipality.

The project has been very challenging due to the unique geometry of the house and, after one year of design works, we are finally able to schedule a production time.

But how difficult is to build a house that cheats gravity?


Qhaus Greetings Holiday Season 2016

Dear Q-haus Friend,
At the Holiday Season our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. 

With this spirit we say – „Thank you“!
Best wishes for the Holidays and happy New Year!



Qhaus will participate to Bygg Reis Deg '17

bygg1We are happy to announce that we will take part to one of the biggest exhibition of 2017 in Nordic Countries: the Bygg Reis Deg '17 in Lillestrøm, Norway.

The exhibition will take place in October 2017, from 18th to 21st.

We are excited to meet new people interested in prefabricated buildings and we are already preparing to this great event.
Our aim is to come in contact with as many persons as possible and spread the message about our sustainable way of building beautiful homes and outstanding buildings.

We need your help to spread the word...


Qhaus now delivering houses to the Western Europe

qhaus-buchel-house-liechtensteinOn autumn 2016 Qhaus reached the important goal of delivering and sucessfully installing a beautiful home in the heart of Europe.
With the help of a successful German Partner, we crossed the Liechtenstein border and we made a dream come true for a young family.


Qhaus now supplying prefabricated Mobile Office Modules

qhaus-fund-ehitus-modules-02The year 2016 has brought a considerable raise in demand of modular constructions, especially for small modules in the range of 20-30 m2.
To satisfy the request of our valuable business customers we developed a line of modular mobile office units that can be easily assembled in various configurations.
We began production of those modules in April 2016 and we are open for orders!

Have a look at the plans and see if this suits your needs...


Kautokeino Home Care - the Best Energy Efficient Prefab Public Building


The Estonian Wooden House Association (http://www.puitmajaliit.ee) awarded to Qhaus a prize for Kautokeino Home Care Centre as "the best Energy efficient prefabricated public building".
The prize was awarded in the frame of the annual contest "Prefab House of the Year" organized by the Association.
Out of the over 20 contestant involved, Kautokeino Project was selected as an example of great achievement of the prefab industry.



Qhaus Factory now runs under ERP system

ERP2015 has been quite an exciting year here are at Qhaus.
After several months of development we finally managed to start electronic monitoring of Factory Production and now we can proudly state that all our business runs under an ERP system.

An Enterprise Resource Planning system is a pretty complex piece of software and a major investment for a Company. However in our vision this system is vital to the future of the Company and of this Industry in general.

Today we can proudly state that on September 2015 Qhaus is the first and only Element House Factory in Estonia to run its business under a fully integrated and custom developed ERP system.


Qhaus reaches Passivhaus Airtightness

eco-homeSo it is official: we measured 0.48 h-1 on the N50 air pressure test!

This happened at the end of summer 2015 in Kautokeino, Norway, where Qhaus has built a 1000 m2 Health Care Centre for Kautokeino Municipality.
With this building Qhaus has proven to be able to build in full respect of the Passivhaus Standard, specifically the Norwegian NS3700. It is a great achievement for our Company and for the Industry of Prefabricated Woodhouses in general.


Qhaus is on the road!

qhaus-truck-prefab-house-deliver-norway-smallJuly 2014 has been a very busy month here at Qhaus.
Among many other things, we consolidated our partnership with the transport Company "Kauritel" by sponsoring 6 trucks with our faboulos-looking flagship green!


Qhaus joined Estonian Woodhouse Association

estonian-woodenhouse-associationIn the very end of December 2013 Q-haus joined the Estonian Woodhouse Association (Puitmajaliit).


Greetings Christmas 2013

Dear Q-haus Friend

At the Holiday Season
our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. 

With this spirit we say – „Thank you“!
Best wishes for the Holidays and happy New Year!


Christmas Special Offer


This Christmas we decided to make something special for our Clients and we prepared a very special offer!
We are selling our Classic 103, in the low-energy version and with Carport, at the ridicolus price of

43 000 EUR!!! 


Updated ISO Certifications for Qhaus

iso9001-14001Following a third-party audit carried out in November 2013, ISO certificates were updated and awarded to Qhaus for the year 2014.
During the auditing process it was verified that activities at Qhaus are carried our according to requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001.


Q-haus is super air-tight!

Blower-Door-TestAnother Pressure Test, made from one of our Customers in Norway, confirmed that Qhaus buildings are super air-tight!

The so called "Blower-door test" is mandatory in Norway in order to asses the energy performance of the building.
Norvegian Regulations set that measured air-tigthness shall be n50<2.5 h-1.
Last pressure test confirmed once again the outstanding result of n50<1.0 h-1... in other words Qhaus buildings are 2.5 times more air-tight that what required by the strict Norvegian Standard TEK10.


10 years of Business, 30 years of Experience


Qhaus celebrates it's 10th anniversary from the establishment of the Trademark in 2004. Cheers!

We have been in business for one decade and we have been improving our Products and our Services ever since day one.The most seasoned of our workers have up to 30 years of experience in the wood housing industry while each of our designers has 5 to 10 years of house design on his/her shoulders.

More about this

Q-haus received ETA certificate

On 30 April 2013 Qhaus Baltic OÜ, manufacturer of prefabricated wooden houses, received the internationally recognized ETA (European Technical Approval) certificate No: ETA-13/0240 for prefabricated timber frame element and modular houses.





All houses are different and from every one of them we learn something to improve the way we design and build your house.

says Tõnu, Project Manager at Qhaus