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How to Save Money on Your House Build

house-pricesWhen time comes to build a home for you and your family, you want to get it right.
You want to create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your dearest ones to relax, rest and be happy together. You want to create a space that your family can fully use and enjoy

You also want to avoid spending more than necessary and here are three powerful tips that will help you a great deal in making the most of your money.


3 Secrets to Build Your Prefab Home in Record Time

green-houseMany spend years thinking about their dream home, with little or no action. Others wake up one day and they just want to get started with the challenging project of building a new home.

No matter on which side you stand, when the day comes to build a new nest for you and your family, you can do that in a record time if you follow these 3 simple tips...


Qhaus Stories - Evelina: that one person that keeps the Team together

qhaus-evelina-shamraiEvelina joined the Qhaus in spring 2014. She started at Qhaus as Estimator and that was her first office job. 
Today Evelina is one of the most valuable resources at Qhaus, taking care Quality control and Customer Satisfaction during her daily job as Project Assitant.

We asked Evelina a few questions to understand how is it like to work at Qhaus.


High Quality Prefab Houses - meet the "Issue Manager"


Here at Qhaus we take Quality really seriously and we value time, YOURS and ours.
That is why in 2013 we started to develop our own Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) which is now fully functional and running.

Latest addition to ERP is the "Issue Manager". This tool allows Designers and Project Managers to interact with Clients by creating "Issues" on Projects.
The main goals we had in mind while creating the Issue Manager were:

  1. minimizing email traffic (internal and external)
  2. keeping all "official" communications and agreements in one place
  3. give to Clients the possibility to review Issues at any time and interact with us by commenting directly on our system

Here is how it works...


Modular Houses for Refugees

flagsEurope is facing a major challenge to keep up with the large number of migrants. So far hundreds of thousands of people have left the Middle East and Africa, risking their lives along the way. The migration bring them in Europe where they hope to start a better life, but in order to even begin to think of a better life it is necessary to give them decent living conditions. As result, one of the biggest problems arising from this massive movement of refugees is related with housing.

This very sensitive issue got us thinking and so here at Qhaus we developed a new, affordable, modular housing system specifically designed for refugees.


Qhaus Stories - Matteo: One Year Working at Qhaus

qhaus-matteo-peduzziMatteo joined the Design Team in November 2014. He moved from Italy accepting the exciting challenge of living and working abroad in a Country 3000km far from home.
Today Matteo is one of the most valuable resources at Qhaus, taking care of design tasks and implementation of new design system by the Finnish Softwarehouse "Vertex Systems OY".

We asked Matteo a few questions to understand how is it like to work at Qhaus.


Wooden Houses at the beginning of the third Millennium

qhaus-best-wooden-element-house0021Wooden houses have been around for thousands of years.
As in any field of technology there has been little or no evolution for centuries and now, in the last 70 years, things have changed dramatically and a new era started, bringing improvements at a quick and steady pace.

Today the wooden house Industry represents the most advanced segment in the building sector and, as a matter of fact, wooden buildings are the only type of building that can be entirely made in a factory.


Compensating Husbanken's requirements for Windows - a Practical Guide for Architects and Engineers

calculationsIn a previous article we discussed how Husbanken introduced new strict requirements for windows on new buildings.
As we have already pointed out, Husbanken gave a way out to avoid people spending a fortune on windows: if you cannot reach the average U-value of  0.8 W/m2K, provided that you still are in average less than 1.0, you can compensate the Energy loss by adding additional insulation on other component of the house (i.e. the roof).

The question is: how much additional insulation shall you add?


The downside of being the bigger Exporter of Prefab Houses in EU - a Warning to Customers: avoid low prices and cheap solutions

no dumpingIn a press release of early May 2014, Äripäev and Postimees (two major Estonian Newspapers) reported the news that Estonia is today the biggest Exporter of prefabricated wooden houses in EU.

The news was fed to Newspapers by Puitmajaliit (Estonian Woodenhouse Association) and it does not come as a surprise given the long history of this small Country in the wooden construction sector and the determination of Estonians to always get a first place in EU statistics.

Requirements for Energy performance of building are becoming more strict evey year and this brought to a quick growth in the demand of prefabricated wooden houses. Although this is very positive for Estonia and for European economy in general, every gold rush comes with casualties... and in this case casualties will most likely be on the side of Customers


TEK10, TEK15, Husbanken and NS3700 (Passivhaus Standard) - How Norway is leading the Energy Efficiency revolution

household-energy-class-qhausWith the introduction of new requirements by Husbanken for access to housing loans, seems like Norway started a real crusade against Energy losses.
The current Norwegian standard for building - TEK10 - is the most strict mandatory building regulation in force in Europe (and probably on the planet). The more strict TEK15 is expected to enter in force in the near future, narrowing the gap with the Passivhaus Standard.

In the meantime more and more Architects and Developers are planning new buildings according NS3700, the Norwegian Passivhaus Standard.

Norway has indeed the resources to finance this fast paced marathon to the ultimate Energy efficiency. But the price to pay for this quick "progress" might be more than just money...


Prefabricated Passivhaus - is it possible to have Passive Houses manufactured in a Factory?

passivhaus-in-handsPerhaps not everybody knows that a Passive House is more than just a low-energy building.
Many think that Passive Houses are very high tech contructions implementing complex technical installations and using renewable Energy instead of gas or grid electricity.

Well, if you think so... you couldn't be more wrong.


Prefab Tiny Houses - the new Trend for Affordable Housing

house-pricesLet's face it: building a house is expensive.
Building a new home from scratch is something most of us do only once in a lifetime... and some don't even get to try this experience.
Choosing a prefab woodhouse helps to keep costs dows... but that might not be enough.

With prices of everything going up every day and banks granting less and less money, the new smart solution to have a chance to build your custom made home seems to be only one: go small.


Log Houses - why not?

qhaus.eu-log-house-exampleLog houses have a long history in North European countries and probably they were the first type of wooden house ever made.
Thanks to modern technologies, today's log houses are very different from what they used to be and log buildings can be found in any size, ranging from very small cabins to huge villas/residences. Also, shape of logs is no longer rough and roundish but also oval or square logs are available making a each log house a unique product.


Wooden, element, panel, modular, timber frame... or how else should we call it

qhaus-timberframe-element-house-cladded-white-autumnSome prefer to call them "prefabricated wooden houses", some other "element houses", some "modular houses", "panel houses", "timber frame houses"... and the list goes on.
With the huge amount of information there is out there on all these different typology of homes, perhaps it is good to narrow the circle a little bit explaining what is the correct identification of a product like ours.


Energy Efficient Prefab Homes - Why you should spend more today to buy one

green-houseBuilding a new home is an investment. In the span of a lifetime we get to do it just a few times; so we want to make it right.
Generally, a prospect house-owner looks for a builder that has long experience, with proven records, and whose buildings are known to be long lasting, beatiful and comfortable.

We all want to live in beautiful and comfortable homes, however the hard truth is that we have to come to compromise with what we can really afford and in the end - says our experience as Sellers - many prospect house-owners make a decision that it is based mostly on their budget.


Air Tightness - why do we care?

eco-homeAirtightness is a fundamental property of modern buildings and it ultimately stands for good quality of the overall build of a residential object.

Why is that?
An efficient level of airtightness is achieved ONLY upon carefull attention to every connection. It is something that is done directly on the construction site and it depends non only on the skills of designers but also on the skills of the workers that physically put together the assembly.






10 years ago we made our commitment to deliver a superior Product. Today we celebrate our success as our Product is one of the best on the Market.

says Reino, CEO&Board Member at Qhaus